Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey dollies,

We'll be away from 7th December (Tuesday) to 28th December (Tuesday) hence all replies will be slow, we apologize for the inconvenience caused and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season! :))))

Merry Christmas darlings!

Velvet Ribbon

Thursday, December 2, 2010



Delectable rosette details! *hearts*


Gorgeous colour pallete! ;)

Fancy something that makes a definite statement but not too over the top so you can still pair it with fancy skirts/shorts/pants or even some of your staples? ;) Rosette is just the answer for you! With lovely 3-d rosette details over sheer gauze, slightly crop in nature and is drop dead gorgeous, you sure don't wanna miss this! :)

Available in White, Grey & Black
Fits UK 6-12

Rm 59

Military Salute



Love the military details! ;)

Ahoy sailor girl, move aside and let us grab a fusion of the hottest nautical trends and the military hooks and we get our gorgeous brain-child of Military Salute cardigan! :) This can be worn as a top as well as a cardigan, with striking stripey details and eye-catching military hooks, yums! ;)

Available in Navy & Red
Fits UK 6-10

Rm 55

Angel Wings

Twisted straps! ;)

Gorgeous pleated details! :)

In a lovely shade of peachy pale pink, this dress screams angelically sweet! :) With delicate twisted straps to emphasize the bustline, along with tie-back sash to ensure the waistline is emphasized and pleated details below the bust, this is one dress you don't wanna miss! ;)

Fits UK 6-10

Rm 60

Monday, November 29, 2010



Gorgeous frill details! ;)

Full pleated skirt! :)



We adore maxi dresses and we adore pleats! When these two gorgeous details tie a knot, we're not surprised that it knock our socks off! Loads on intricate details were put into the dress, chiffon, pleats, frills, maxi dress, need we say more? :D

Available in Nude, Navy and Apple
Fits UK 6-10

Rm 69

Birdie Bow

*Non restockable*
Pleated toga lapels! :DChiffon glory with swallow and ribbon prints! :D

We love this dress to bits! :D Made from full chiffon with full lining, the print captured our eyes, with two of our favourite things in it at the same time: Swallow and BOW! :D The toga cut is oh-so flattering on the figure and the pleats add the extra oomphhhh to this already drop-dead gorgeous dress! :D

Fits UK 6-10

Rm 65

Lace Peepers

Dusk Pink

Back lace panel!! :)

Lacey sleeves with matching cuffs!: )

Grey-ish Blue

Our two lovely shades! :D

We love dressy blouses to bits, and when it comes with a twist, our heart beat twice as hard! ;) Made from lovely chiffon with lace sleeves and back panel, this is sweet and sexy all the same! :D Comes with matching cuffs to contrast the lace, to highlight the lovely shade of your choice! :)

Available in Dusk Pink & Grey-ish Blue
Fits UK 6-10

Rm 55

Handbags Kitsch

Side Bows on both ends! :)

Looking for something to make a statement with that bottom you just bought? ;) We've just the right top for you, in the cutest shopaholic handbag series print, with three bows (ON EACH SIDE) to be tied, this has got to be one of the more unique tops we've seen in awhile! :) Made from quality chiffon as well! :)

Fits U 6-10

Rm 45

Cotton Maxi

Basic, simple, comfy and classy, the clean black maxi dress! ;) In the style of a tank dress, this can be layered beneath as a slip as well as worn as a maxi/midi dress! Comfy and stylish is obviously the way to go this season, effortlessly chic yo! ;)

Fits UK 6-10

Rm 40

Thursday, November 25, 2010




SPOTTED: Topshop Blazer with White Trimming

Pic credit:



The absolute must-have blazer of the season! :) Highly inspired by Topshop, male range but in the best of the female cut! ;) With white trimmings alone the edges and a single button detail and fully functional pocket details, brace yourself for a sleeeeeeekkkkkk look with our lovely Classico! *winks*

Available in Black (Sold) & Navy (Sold)
Fits UK 6-10

Rm 79



*Topshop inspired*

Lovely chiffon top with beaded details! ;)

Keyhole detail! :)

In the most gorgeous shade of pink, this top is embellished with some jaw-dropping beaded details, forming gorgeous patterns along the bustline! :) Made from lovely chiffon material (Lined at the front), this is a definite must have, a jewel (Literally :P) in your collection! :D

Fits UK 6-10

Rm 59

Bow Playsuit



Keyhole at the back with ornate button detail! :)

Be the flirty fun girl in this cute number! ;) In classic black and white shades, with a hint of playful-ness, the bow embodies the playsuit perfectly! :) In the style of a playsuit with a cute black contrasting collar and a shirred waist, this playsuit ends with perfection with a black-trimmed keyhole with ornate button detail! :)

Fits UK 4-8

Rm 55

Monday, November 22, 2010

Candy Pop


Pop of yellow lining beneath! ;)

A dusk pink blazer may not be a staple in most wardrobe, but in a fashionista's wardrobe, we must say you must be missing something if you've not recruited this statement piece! Sweet and versatile, you can even play it up to grunge the colour up! With a pop of pale yellow, you can choose to be colourful or understated with this dusk pink blazer, extremely limited pieces too! :)

Fits UK 6-12

Rm 75


SPOTTED: Miu Miu Cat Printed Clutch

Pic credit to: Miu Miu

LOVE the print! :D

We're dying fans of Miu Miu and we when we saw the much-sought after cat print from Miu Miu, we almost dropped dead on the ground from elation! :) Made as a maxi dress with ruffled front, the cat print is the star of the dress and truly, it brings out the best in the print! :D

Fits UK 6-10

Rm 65