Monday, September 14, 2009

Stud Blazer


Chic with the sleeves rolled up! :)

Studded pockets with amazing boyfriend cut at the edge! :)

Pale Grey

Stripey lining! :)
Awesome studded pockets! ;)

The boyfriend blazer craze has been hitting us like a snowstorm! :) We are keeping them coming with a little twist here and there! :) This time around, what we adore most (Besides the awesome cut) is the studded pockets, edgy and rocker paired with a formal-like blazer, the combination could not be yummier! :D The curve sharp edge of the blazer adds the extra oomph this already gorgeous piece needs! :D

Available in Black (Sold) & Pale Grey (Sold):
Size S: Fits UK 4 - small UK 8
Size M: Fits UK 8 - 10

Rm 65

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