Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lace Bodycon

*Pre-Order Available*
SPOTTED: Forever 21 Sheer Lace Bodycon

Pic credit to: Forever 21


Power shoulders are the shiznit! :D


Amazing shoulders! :D

This amazing pearl lace bow necklace, yours for FREE! :D

The most amazing Lace Bodycon, comes with inner slip as well as a pearl lace bow necklace, absolutely FOC, this piece is a major steal! :D Made from top notch quality lace, the power shoulders make it at a class of its own, and the fact that it comes with an inner slip enables you to wear them separately making the ways to wear this piece absolutely endless! :D LOVE IT! :D

Available in Black (Sold) & Pure (Sold)
Fits UK 6-10

Rm 50

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